HPC @ Bicycle Outfitters Leesburg

We are in our 13th year of running CompuTrainer classes and they are better than ever with a BRAND NEW Facility, and improved Perf Pro software capabilities. The HPC FLIGHT Training Center is equipped with 30 CompuTrainers, 3 sets of E MOTION Rollers, and  multiple projectors to display your workout data. CompuTrainer’s MultiRider system offers the most high-tech, reliable, and motivating method of indoor training, a necessity given heavy work hours and busy roads. Whether you are a brand-new cyclist, a competitive racer or a weekend warrior, HPC’s CompuTrainer classes will help you reach your cycling goals. We welcome people of all fitness and experience levels- and we have riders from as young as 11, to as young as 75 in our classes.

Our Trainer Deck is temperature controlled for your class. Yeah, that's a down jacket and a hot cup of coffee from our friends at King Street Coffee inside Bicycle Outfitters.

CompuTrainer looks like a normal bicycle trainer, but collects data every second that is computed and displayed on a screen right before your eyes. The system gives you instantaneous updates on power output, speed, gradient, distance, and other critical metrics that help you get the best workout possible.Not only that, but the fun social atmosphere of the classes help even the most trainer-weary riders look forward to indoor workouts.

We follow a classic periodization cycling program built around specific intensity factors and training stress. Each class is 1.5-2.0 hours in length. Please bring your Road or Tri bike, cycling clothing, shoes, heart rate monitor, a towel, and plenty of hydration…be prepared to sweat and to get an awesome workout guided by one of HPC FLIGHT's highly experienced coaches! 

To view our registration information please follow this link: (and of course, single class drop-ins are always welcome on a "space available" basis)

Do you have questions for a real live person? Feel free to contact us.

Susan Hefler, Coach/ Physiologist  571-212-2895

Pierre Pelletier, Athlete Wellness /Cycling Analysis 703 732 8352